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Alien invasion: The Battle of Los Angeles

Starring :
Aaron Eckhart, Bridget Moynehen, Michelle Rodriguez, Michael Pena, Ramon Rodriguez, Corey Hardrikt, Gino Anthony Pesi, Shaffer Smith, James Hiroyuki Liao, Noel Fisher
Directed by :
Jonathan Libesman. USA, 2011

Movie rating: 4.8 / 10 (4 votes)

Alien invasion: The Battle of Los Angeles brief story

The aliens attack the Earth again. Across the globe began large-scale invasion, which decide who will be its master.
For the umpteenth time the aliens attack our long-suffering planet. At this time the cause of colonization has become a very popular resource on the planet - water. The movie was just a wonderful phrase - "Water on our planet unique." Leaving scientists think the question of why we still do not fly into space on the sea water instead of fuel.
As the protagonists in our group are the foot soldiers whose job was to save the survivors in the devastated city. Who could be there to save is unclear because of Los Angeles left literally only ruins.
Sami adventure of war were very interesting, especially if you listen to their conversations. So it was noticed that among the foot soldiers are the real geniuses. They can only marvel at the battle of "Hell, it turns out, they have aircraft." And the aliens themselves, perhaps, the stork brought it. Why in the invasion zone only send the infantry is also not clear. Well, put down the inhabitants of the Earth aviation, but the tanks and other equipment is to Delhi? It is only later, after visiting the base, the frame appears in military technology, on which a group of strangers pushing left and right. Only now I remember, early in the film aliens who so famously demonstrated on the planet is now the owner, crushing any resistance in the distance, and suddenly a crowd began to throw under the wheels ...
But, let's leave all the absurdities of the plot and bloopers writers. The apotheosis of stupidity was a wonderful phrase:
- The level of the oceans has fallen
And it is on the second day of the invasion ... that's just wondering where you can do so a huge amount of water?
As usual, Americans traditionally do not forget to show that all their soldiers are patriots.
- How to kill this thing?
- I think I can. I'm a veterinarian.
When the hero Aaron Eckhart uttered an impassioned speech in front of the detachment at the base, near the end of the film, behind him was not enough just striped flag. That's like they were fiery speeches.
By the way the actors. Despite the fact that the focus was on people and their struggle for survival, I could not help but notice that the characters desperately lacking "life". The characters are not revealed, their game is poor, attention to detail there. It's a shame that even aliens have paid little attention.
The meeting of two soldiers, one sergeant and one brother of the dead soldier as if sewn with white thread. Clearly, such a coincidence is not just wrong, and somewhere at the end of the movie guys will stand face to face to discuss the issue, before going into his last fight.
Despite all the conflict of the plot and the actors, the film still has a positive side. This special effects. When compared with the already released movie of this genre, then something special they do not, everything is done at the secondary level but, nevertheless, with attention to detail. Footage of the destroyed Los Angeles great.
Of course, if we compare the film with the work of Colin and Greg Strauss, " Skyline ", the" battle "they do not match. In terms of special effects, variety of aliens and the general atmosphere of the film of their work is a cut above. "Invasion" recall the most, a dynamic first-person shooter.
In general, you can blame the film for very long. The main advantage of the atmosphere is still alien attack. Invaders themselves drawn very well, I really wish that they paid so little attention, which is implanted only weapon. The destruction of the city as well furnished with taste and shocking in its scope. For now, at this point, it's still the best in this year's fiction thriller about aliens.

liji reviews, proud to be a member of Total Review Center since Sep 2011.
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One of the failures of films that I saw. So fuck up a beautiful fantasy theme alien attack on Earth - it must try! Initially, the picture seemed somehow a documentary video, if not news, so greedy for that modern journalists. Then I realized that "alien invasion" - but rather a movie about the valiant U.S. military. Well, then I was just not interested. It is quite strange aliens, totally illogical plot, the characters little interest. Why remove it? Just because the extra money on the film lying around?
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Alien invasion: The Battle of Los Angeles

Developer: 1C-SoftKlab

In the near future. Alien Invaders attacked suddenly the Earth's major cities. The population in trying to repel an attack the military failed in a panic. Hot spot of the Los Angeles-a few days with the US Army's elite units in the strengths it superior to foreigners between turns into war. To break the Enemy's ranks in defence and civil environment, why Marines detachment assigned to it. Soon however, the city of angels into a desperate rescue operation was embarking on the struggle on the outcome of which who will win. Computer game "Alien Invasion: Battle of Los Angeles" eponymous Hollywood blockbuster film stars Aaron Eckhart, and the size of the underlying first and Michelle Rodrigues. Special forces Sgt. Nantsa, under the command of the main characters in films, as a soldier in the front line running through the streets of the ruined city, speaking in a series of dangerous missions that had to do. Los Angeles future depends on you!

Big-budget Hollywood blockbuster atmosphere.
Advanced physical models, which are responsible for Havok technology.
State-of-the-art graphics and amazing special effects.

Compatible systems: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
review style, proud to be a member of Total Review Center since Dec 2011.
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